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End User License for Interactive PowerPoint Maps

GMARK Ltd. Grants Purchasing Customers With a License to Use This Product Under the Following Conditions.


‘Product’ is defined as the PowerPoint file whose product name is 'Interactive World Map' or 'Interactive Euroipe Map' ‘Customers’ are individuals or individuals representing an organisation who have purchased a license from

License Grant

  1. Customers may provide all employees within all of their your business locations products purchased from
  2. Customers may freely edit the PowerPoint file which includes deleting objects, changing colours, rescaling and any other editing function available within PowerPoint.
  3. Customers may use the product in part or in whole within presentations that may be sent to 3rd parties, so long as you are not charging them (see Usage Rights #2).
  4. Customers may freely use the product in public places such as trade show kiosks and other multimedia displays but may not give copies of the product away in quantities greater than 10 units per day unless you credit the source as originating from in which case you may circulate an unlimited quantity.

Usage Rights

  1. The original product remains Copyright © GMARK Ltd., a company registered in the UK and regulated by the Laws of England.
  2. As a licensee, Customers are not permitted to resell, loan or rent the purchased products.
  3. Customers are also not permitted to transfer the usage rights of the purchased products in return for payment or free of charge to third parties.
  4. Customers are not permitted to translate, in part or in whole, the content of the product.
  5. Copies may be kept on non-public storage and you may not store the product on public Web servers.
  6. Rights include all electronic, printed and reproduction, including;
     - Presentations and hand outs with unlimited circulation
     - Use of print media such as brochures, flyers as well as illustrations
     - Storage of the services, products and templates on the intranet server and / or network

Limitation of Warranties

Our maps are designed to be compact in size whilst remaining scalable to a reasonable size within a PowerPoint slide.

As such, the accuracy of the outlines of countries may not be as precise as a cartographer's map.

GMARK Ltd. therefore makes no promises, inducements, representations or warranties to site visitors, either expressed or implied, including warranties as to the accuracy of the products provided on this site.


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